Going back to our origins

In these gloomy times, Jarod-Pi wishes to bring you some light. After weeks of social distancing, life slowly begins to go back to normal. We are gradually relaunching the production of our pieces, both old and new.

During this moment suspended in time, we wish to focus on creating even more timeless, respectful of the environment items.

COVID-19 has reinforced our values: the fashion industry really needs our commitment to create without wasting and harming. This is why, Jarod-Pi comes back even stronger and richer.

Fighting by the side of those who need it most

As production slows down and the main concerns of humanity is focused on more basic needs, Jarod-Pi has chosen to concentrate its efforts on mutual aid. Our commitment to nature, animals and the protection of our planet also translates into a desire to unite humanity under one flag.

This is why in this time of crisis, we took advantage of confinement to work alongside those who put their lives on hold to treat us, by making masks with fabric scraps and providing medical equipment.

Changing our consumption habits

If we are happy to return to our daily lives, the coronavirus will remind us how much our way of life hangs by a thread. Our cultures, transport, clothing, exchange of goods and informations

Everything that humanity has created for its comfort threatens an intelligent and self-sufficient Eco-system. When our system crumbles, we realize the importance of respecting the balance between innovation and nature. The joys of going back to normal will be tinged with a desire to do better in terms of transportation, production, travelling, getting dressed…

In short, tomorrow’s consumption and globalization will have a different face and our team is happy to contribute in its own way to a cleaner and more respectful world. We will continue to locally produce limited items with recycled, organic and cruelty-free materials.

Photographer: https://www.romycohenphotographie.com